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Testimonial Photos

John Albaugh
At first I was not sure if the Cooling Tool would work on such a small deer(90lbs) but it slid right into place and let me get back to hunting.

Marv Miller
The cooling tool in action!

Nate Block Elk Dog
I use the cooling tool in the back country of Montana when I cant get the animal out that day and light is running short. It is that extra insurance to keep your animal cool and clean.

Shane Hatfield
This photo shows a fourteen year old boy who had a successful experience using The Cooling Tool.

The picture with Spencer is the back straps from my deer. Should be delicious.

Tom Eichman
When we went to take the pictures, we had just had a deer come in. It was a small button buck and we decided it would be easy enough to take the pictures of the cooling tool in use. We took the deer off to a grassy area to take the pictures, and as soon as we got the tool into place, the steam started rolling out of the carcass. We had not realized that the deer we chose was a fresh kill, and still hot. The hunter that had harvested the animal had brought it to us right after kill, and with the tool placed on that animal, the steam and heat started rolling out. That's very important to get the heat off the animal to insure quality meat. Bone sour is a problem we run into if people fail to properly cool their animals.
Once we were done with the pictures, the guy that was helping me told me how neat the cooling tool looked, but he said "As soon as I go to drag that deer its going to fall out." He took hold of the leg of the deer and drug it across the lot, and that tool never moved once. He flipped the deer over, and the cooling tool stayed in place the entire time. It locked into place and insured that chest cavity stayed open.