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My name is John and I have been hunting for 55 years, mostly pheasants. I began deer hunting thirty years ago and have had some success.
With over 30 years of hunting experience, I have learned that the major challenge after the animal is field dressed, is keeping the chest cavity open so that air can move thru and start the cooling process thus minimizing or eliminating meat spoilage.. In the past, the hunter would have to find or cut a stick and place (puncture) it in the ribs. All this really does is to introduce foreign material into the rib area. Once the stick is in place and the animal is allowed to roll on to its side, the lower abdominal area closes up preventing air movement.
Necessity is often referred to as "The Mother Of Invention". I concluded that to prevent this closure, The Cooling Tool should have two "U" shaped grippers and be adjustable in length to accommodate different size animals.