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I saw this product mentioned online. I bought one and used it during the 2015 deer season.This tool is two pieces of molded plastic that fit together. The 8 inch piece is round and the "female" part of the product. The 11 inch piece is the "male" part of the product. Both pieces are blaze orange in color. The female piece is slotted so that the male end can only fit one way. The female piece has two sets of four "L" shaped slots on it's exterior 180 degrees apar view full testimonial

Eichman's Processing in Seward, IL

John, When we went to take the pictures, we had just had a deer come in. It was a small button buck and we decided it would be easy enough to take the pictures of the cooling tool in use. We took the deer off to a grassy area to take the pictures, and as soon as we got the tool into place, the steam started rolling out of the carcass. We had not realized that the deer we chose was a fresh kill, and still hot. The hunter that had harvested the animal had brought it to us right after kill, an view full testimonial

Wiley Askew-Big Fork, MN

A tough season this year. The cooling tool worked fine. The young guys who were hanging the deer were trying to find the right size of log until I brought out the tool. Too bad I didn't get to use it on more than one deer. Wiley view full testimonial