Welcome to The Cooling Tool! Made In The USA


I saw this product mentioned online. I bought one and used it during the 2015 deer season.

This tool is two pieces of molded plastic that fit together. The 8 inch piece is round and the "female" part of the product. The 11 inch piece is the "male" part of the product. Both pieces are blaze orange in color. The female piece is slotted so that the male end can only fit one way. The female piece has two sets of four "L" shaped slots on it's exterior 180 degrees apart from each other that line up with the male. Each slot is about 1 1/2 inches from the previous slot. When the male piece is in its proper alignment there is a peg that can be rotated on it to lock into the slotted piece of the female.  This gives an extension range from about 9 inches to 13 1/2 inches. Both ends of the pieces are U shaped and have pointed pegs on them to grab the sides of the deer. These pegs do a great job of grabbing the sides of the deer and do not need to be on a rib bone to work.

I used this tool both while cleaning a deer and also while it was hanging to promote cooling from the inside out. I do not gut in the field. I bring all my deer to a cleaning station where they are winched up until they are at a good height for gutting to begin. I have lights and running water at this station for working at night and to rinse the chest cavity after cleaning.

I use "the cooling tool" to spread the chest cavity open as far as possible. It made getting the heart and other organs from under the rib cage a lot easier to access. The points on each U shaped end of the device grabbed the deer with ease and did not slip where ever they were positioned. I opened the tool as far as possible on each deer and then rinsed them with cold well water after gutting. I left the device in the deer so that it could cool from the inside out. Getting air flow to the inside of the chest cavity is important.

Clean up of the tool was easy. I removed as much tallow as possible and them soap and hot water did the rest of the job. I take my deer to a processor about 20 miles away on a deer hauler that goes in my trailer hitch receiver. On one trip, I left the tool in the deer and it never slipped and inch during the ride.

I am always looking for any tool that will make my job easier. I previously used 1 inch by 1 inch wood pieces to spread the chest cavity. They had to be cut to length for each deer and positioned just right to catch a rib bone so they would not slip. All were one time use, as I was not going to put a used dirty piece of wood in a deer. They worked okay but could be a major pain due to constant slipping if they were not set just right.

I found this tool online by searching "the cooling tool" Cost was reasonable and it was promptly shipped to me. Being plastic, it weighs next to nothing. I could see where this would be helpful for anyone gutting a deer on the ground also.

Everyone talks about harvesting a deer. To me the real work starts after the deer is on the ground. I want my venison to be in the best shape possible. Cooling the deer by keeping the chest cavity open after gutting is one thing that helps this process. If necessary, I have packed the chest cavity with bags of ice during warm weather.

I am glad that I bought this tool. It is now part of my kit for deer hunting and I only wish I had found it sooner.